Coldpressed Mustard Carrier Oil

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Mustard oil is greatly beneficial for skin, hair and overall health. For the skin, it helps in removing tan or dark spots, lightens the skin, is a natural sunscreen, stimulates sweat glands, treats rashes and infections, and a great remedy for chapped lips. For hair, it stimulates growth, prevents pre-mature greying, prevents hair-loss and other scalp problems. It is great for general health as it increases appetite, is a great digestive stimulant, cardiovascular benefits, its Glucosinolate content is known to prevent risk of cancerous tumors, helps in asthama, cough and cold, is a great anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, prevents malaria and in general an all round tonic for health. It can be combined with other oils to massage infants.


  • Apply the oil on the skin for 10 mins to remove tan, reduce the signs of aging as well as the heat that causes itching and redness
  • Mustard oil massage all over the body will help offer strengthening and deep nourishing properties to the skin along with relaxing and rejuvenating the body.
  • Mustard oil boiled with henna leaves is said to increase hair growth, while strengthening the hair from the follicle.
  • Deep condition your hair by applying mustard oil on your hair and scalp. Massage the scalp gently with your fingertips. For dry or damaged hair, leave for at least two hours.

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